Workers' Compensation Coverage for Parishes

Our Workers’ Compensation coverage is provided by the Massachusetts Catholic Self-Insurance Group, Inc., or MCSIG. As a member of the MCSIG, the Archdiocese and its parishes are provided with Workers’ Compensation coverage as required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This coverage responds when an employee suffers an injury or illness while in the course and scope of employment. This coverage is defined and regulated by the Commonwealth and covers related medical expenses and compensates the employee for a portion of lost wages.

This coverage provides indemnification for these claims, as well as support and legal representation for the parish in any and all legal proceedings and Department of Industrial Accident hearings. Oversight and supervision of the claims administrator is the responsibility of the Office of Risk Management Claims Manager.

The rates are established through an annual actuarial rate analysis performed by an outside actuary and approved by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Insurance. A rate is established for each payroll classification, or job type, based on the risks and injury frequency for each. The premium is based on year end payroll gathered annually from each parish.

The MCSIG is regulated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Insurance and governed by a Board of Directors.

Workers' Compensation claims are reported to, and administered by, A.I.M. Mutual, our claims administrator. A.I.M. accepts first report claim notices twenty four hours a day. For information on reporting a workers' comp claim to A.I.M., please see the Claims tab on the left.