Cyber Security Seminar for Catholic Schools

Cyber security is the process of protecting electronically stored information by preventing, detecting and responding to attacks. The Catholic Schools Office, the Office of Risk Management, and the Information Technology Department are committed to ensuring cyber security in your school. On September 18, we held a cyber security seminar to help school administrators and technology personnel:

  • Understand Federal and State laws that pertain to cyber security and how these laws apply to Catholic schools
  • Establish a cyber security policy at your school that will enable you to recognize threats and protect sensitive data
  • Know what actions to take in the event you suspect your electronic security has been compromised
  • Know what your responsibilities are should school technology be used in an inappropriate manner that causes harm to another

Materials from the Seminar

Professional Standards & Communication Guidelines for Educators - Sheila Kukstis

Legal Compliance Summary

Introduction to Information Security - Attorney General's Presentation

Information Technology Framework for RCAB Schools - Steve McDevitt

Network Policy for Catholic Schools